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    Gold 4th Warning Appeal (Gold Server)

    1) What is your In Game Name?

    2) When and which server was the Warning issued?
    2016-06-25 5:02:41 pm
    Gold Server

    3) Why was the Warning issued? (Do NOT go into detail HOW an exploit was done.)
    As per what Gladuis told me in PM: afk jumping at the event -use of an auto jump code

    4) Who issued the Warning?
    From what i saw in MCBans, said it was Console who issued it.

    5) Please fill in all additional information here
    Here's what my reason is, i told everyone on the server that i don't use Codes, machines and other stuff. I don't use auto jumping codes and machines. I only placed my keyboard where i could put my foot or toe so i can press the Spacebar and the other toe to shift and stuff. (No kidding)
    I was multi tasking, i was doing some crocheting and stuff while i did all that. x.x
    I didn't auto jump with codes, no machines. I don't even know those existed. Plus, i don't use those stuff. It's not in my nature to use hacks or any dumb mods to a server i love to play in.

    I promise this and i don't joke around servers i love to play at.

    Though, i've never done and used cheat on this server. ;;_;;
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    Just gonna Bump this.

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    You can only bump appeals 1x a month meaning a month from the date you posted. Please don't bump it again untill July 26th. Also this was more than likely a temp ban and as such, can't be appealed.

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    sorry sorry, just forgot about this x.x

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    Early bump and still angry to be accused of something like this o<

    I wasn't using CODES!

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    Seriously... I feel like grovelling in front of you guys, on the ground and beg... I miss vox, I would throw away my pride just to get back in the server....

    I seriously miss this server...

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    This is NOT helping you. IF you don't want banned from the forums as well I would stop bumping and going on about it.

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    Bumping this 10x to all....
    Cmon, I'm serious about this one...

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    BUMP-er Cartin~

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    yes, I'm still trying to get back on the server with this account, and yes I'm bumping it.

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