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I'll be seein ya

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Well I did wanna share my opinion on recent events but... I questioned why I should bother so im not going to but i'll share the end part maybe it'll give a small inkling how I feel hopefully. I'll be taking my leave of vox because I feel that when you constantly log off, whether it be early or it's the end of the day, and you're frustrated or dreading getting on the next day, and questioning 'why and I still here .-.?'(or in my case why I came back.) so I'm just gonna break the cycle and not come back, whether this be permanent or just a really really long time like before. I'll poke around the forums a little while and i'll be on the Vox TS cuz im a mod on there now helpin out Shiv (ehh not that big a deal) and it's...the only one I know I can connect to guaranteed >w> but other than that I'll see ya when I see ya.
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