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  1. Undertale Part 17

  2. Some good news!

    So as some of you may know, I'm pregnant!!!!
    This is my second pregnancy, but my first to stick around with no complications.
    So far, I'm 4 weeks along, and I will be 8 weeks when I see my doctor.
    Fingers crossed this will work out!
  3. a difficult day

    So 10 years ago to this day my grandma passed away. Its been a stressful day, yesterday my family and I went to the cemetery to visit her grave and to pay some respects for her. And a week before Christmas my grandma's sister passed away, so we went to the cemetery to pay respects and to say a final goodbye to her as well. I wish my grandma was still alive, I only got to spend 3 years with her, 3 years isn't enough. At this point in my life its just taking it day by day... Over the years I've gotten ...
  4. The homestead

    I don't really tell my personal life on here unless someone asks me how i'm doing and even then i'm pretty vague. I figured i should at least explain why i'm not on as often. I haven't been on much, because lately vox has become overwhelming and stressing me out more then i already am. I cant even be bothered to calm the rumors anymore, because i have more important matters to worry about. My father may have cancer in his throat and as a precaution has started writing a Will because we're worried ...
  5. Undertale Part 16

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