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Minecraft Vox Populi is a 1.0 Premium server. We have an extremely fun environment, with tons of great tightly calibrated mods, and great players.



 Server Address:


 Mumble Server: Port: 64738





Here is a list of many of our features!

  • Gain levels with experience to use better equipment
  • Fight in several challenging PvE arenas to earn money and prizes!
  • Challenge your friends or enemies in a PvP arena
  • Explore deep dark Catacombs for treasure
  • Warp or take the train to multiple player made cities
  • Spend money on the local markets, or add a shop, and make money
  • Clans, Clan chat, Clan capes.
  • Join a Job, and get paid for doing what you love.
  • Cast magic and learn spells from spell tomes for sale
  • Anti-griefer support with region protection and backups
  • Lock your doors chests and blocks with /cprivate
  • Skins for non-premium accounts!
  • View the world map right now, from your browser
  • The list goes on!

202 thoughts on “Join the Server

    1. JEF983721

      zombie it wont let me in can you help I watch markiplier play minecraft all of the tome and I wanted to play so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. wedger2013

        zombie when i entered the server IP and tried to connect to the server it just said logging in and it never logged in

    2. luvbird4eva

      Hi, Zombiemold.
      I need help with joining your server. I’m a noob at Minecraft, and I’m not quite sure how to do some things, but it looks like people ask you for advice. So, here I am asking. Every time I try to get on your server in the multiplayer option (DIAMOND.VOXMC.COM), it tells me “Client out of date!” Can you tell me what this means and what I have to do to get past it?

    3. RHoR94

      I would absolutely love to play in your server, I’m a huge fan of Markiplier and you for the awesome work I hear you put into your server… please help me with this, it would be very much appreciated =)

    4. TricksterCris

      zombie since the time i watched markiplier’s Drunk minecraft im now interested on playing at your server hope i can join plss tell me what i have to do to join thanks ^_^

    5. Fuller Goldsmith

      Hi Zombie,

      I need your help joining the server. Whenever I type in the IP, it says “client out of date!” and I’m not sure why! I’m pretty sure that I’m doing everything right. I’ve updated Minecraft and everything! I just really need some help….

    6. Monty_Minion2

      I had problems loggin in the server, it would take minutes for it to load, and I havent been able to try the server. Whats wrong?

    7. Michaila

      I was wondering, I’d love to join this server. But I only have minecraft pocket edition. Can I still join on PE, or do I need PC

      1. Allie Deluhery

        Unfortunately I ran into the same issue and when I asked around alot of people said no. Although it would be amazing if someone thay played on vox populi made a PE server too

    8. Luigiruigi

      I am having troubles, it’s saying unkown host one day, than when I try again it says it’s pinging, but the network icon is x’d out, what does it mean!?

    9. SirenDarkmane

      Hey im fairly new to the server and would like to know how to get into the version of the server. Do I donate or something?

    10. Mitch

      Hello Master Zombie! I have been watching Markiplier’s Drunk Minecraft and your server seems like a ton of fun! I am however a noob to the Minecraft scene and don’t know if I’m doing it correctly when I try and join your server. I’ve tried the address provided but it just errors out every time. If you could help a dude out I’d really appreciate it.

  1. Zombiemold Post author

    You need to make sure that the name you use in game, is exactly the same name your registered with. The password you use is the password you set in the registration.

  2. Zombiemold Post author

    Try re-registering? Make sure the name is correct. When you register, you set your own password, when you receive the email, it’s just to remind you of the password you set.

  3. Zombiemold Post author

    I don’t see your username in the registry, are you sure you registered? Make sure to fill out all the information correctly.

  4. Zombiemold Post author

    We have upgraded to 1.9. Your spawn should be all good. be sure to get the 1.9 Pre5 Client. One is hosted on the site if needed

    1. Geminaska08

      I’m on the site and i tried to click register but its not clickable. it wont link me to anywhere to register.

  5. ActCat808

    Hey Zombiemold! I just got the Minecraft game and I would like to join your server. However, I’m having a hard time registering. It keeps on saying Error: Unable to Contact Do I just need to try again on another day? Thanks!

    1. AngelSavior08

      Right now we are working on updating and fixing things in order to get ready for a possible upgrade to 1.4.4. We will let you know if we can get it all updated and keep the server on the 1.4.4 update so you can update your Minecraft as well.

  6. SpiderLiliy

    Hi Zombie!
    Do you have a map of your whole server, because I’ve been trying to find a good spot to build my permanite home. my temporary home is in the jungle but i really want to find a better place. like an island a small island with a mountain in the middle of the sea :)
    So if it’s out and i missed it, lol. but if there isn’t a map could you make one? not of everything like the spawn, just the world… any way’ thanks ^_^
    Thank you for your time Zombie,
    Sincerely SpiderLiliy.

  7. Gecko

    Every time I try to register, it says Minecraft account not found. I have an account, i don’t know why it says that.
    Also, where do I download this server?

  8. zeke18816

    Dear zombie or Latin who ever get this first I was banned from the sever on 2/18 2013 and this is my favorite server and I got banned because my big brother got on my account and said things he probably should not have said please let me back on to the server sincerely zeke18816 love ya guys thank you now bye

  9. AnyWhoAlly

    It will not let me register. Every time I try, it says that my account is invalid. What do I do to fix this?


    hey zombie mold i am trying to get on your sever but it said i couldn’t reach your sever. what should i do?

  11. roxas1199

    Zombie, Latin. It said I was caught griefing and I just walked into my friends home and I got kicked! I didn’t even break any blocks or anything…. Is this temporary or permanent? P.s my minecraft name is the name of the comment.

  12. Jetfire601

    I am trying to get on this server but it says its out dated. I have version 1.5.2
    Please fix :)

  13. bealziibub1983

    hi zombie
    im a huge fan of markiplier and hes shenanigans in drunk minecraft. i would like to join your server as it looks amazing and well made. is it possible to join as when i press on register on your site nothink happens. is there a way that i can join.

  14. alyssa

    I donated to vox populi wiki tried to join/login nothing tried to register said not a minecraft name what am I doing wrong my vox populi wiki is Alyssa20007

  15. Vanias

    I tried to get on the server but it said:<>or something like that..
    Soo,i was wandering how can i play at your server..
    When you have the time,plese answer me..
    I have watched it on markipliers video and i just believe it’s awesome and i will be very happy if i can play it!!

  16. diamond__rainbows

    Hi Zombiemold, i joined the server about a week ago and exiting the black market i accidentally held down my left click button and destroyed a block, and it kicked me for greifing and won’t let me back on. I was wondering if this was temporary, and if not, what could i do?

  17. JEF983721

    can you please update the server to 1.6.2 I saw drunk minecraft and I bought the game so I could play on this server but I cant because you have version 1.6.1 and it wont let me log on.

  18. Malikee

    I can’t seem to get back on to the server, I have lost the Address for it and I try typing it back in and it says it can’t find the host name, help?

  19. AnyWhoAlly

    Is it just me or is everyone else unable to register or join the server? I try to press the button and it just won’t let me. :( I’ve heard this is a good server and I was looking forward to trying it out…

  20. Glitchmold

    when i try and add the mumble server do i type Port:64738 or do i just attach the number at the end of the server address

  21. riley

    Zombie…. I want to play on your server but it won’t let me sign up… I have a minecraft account made on but i entered the name and the email and it wont work. I haven’t downloaded minecraft but I play on the browser versions. Do I have to download it or something… help please

  22. Ginamd

    I did the username, password, and server address….3 times, and yet it won’t let me in. It keeps saying it’s unable to reach the server. I really want to go on this server. So, Zombiemold if you are reading this tell me what’s wrong! >.<

  23. Akira_Kenji

    when i went to direct connect, it asks for server address do you have the server address cause it wont let me join the server
    thank you

    1. Batman1111

      Just copy the Ip, go to Add server, put the name in as Zombiemold, then hit Ctrl+V and it will paste the IP into the bar! Then you are done!

  24. Austin Kellahan

    Hey zombie how do I be like you ?
    And I want to meet mark because I’m going to be like him . and I really like you and mark . Please !!!

  25. Austin Kellahan

    I can,t wait till minecraft comes out on ps3. And I want to play with you zombie and mark forget wade and bob

  26. Batman1111

    Hey Zombie! I want to join the server, and even when I used the same exact password and username that i registered with on the site, it keeps saying Failed to login: Bad login. Is there any way, I can get it to work? I really want to play with you, latingoddes, Bob, Wade, and Mark. It would be so much fun to see if I could beat you and Latin in a sword battle to the death!

  27. EvilDeathMist

    zombie im having a little trouble joining the servers, it keeps saying, outdated server or end of stream. and ive tried them all, ive even waited 5 minutes in between in case it was the server restart… but i cant get in, is it me or is the server acting up?

  28. Daniel McDermott

    Hi Zombiemold, my friends recommended this server to me and it seems like a really good set up.
    Please could you let me know how I could possibly join.

  29. techie9236

    can you send me the information to join the drunk minecraft server I love the videos and would love to play it. thanks

  30. ScissormanX

    Hey, Zombie. I would like to join the Vox Populi server but I see no place to register. Can I get some info on how to join, please? Thanks!

  31. TheEpicMrTroy

    Excuse me, I would thoroughly enjoy it if i were allowed to join your server and play with many others. However, I have attempted to register and the option is blurred and I am unable to click it. Is there a reason for this? And what type of “account” do I need? I have a Mojang account, I am unsure as to weather or not it is premium however. Any assistance that you can offer is greatly appreciated.

  32. Cinema_Star

    Hey Zombiemold!

    I’m a huge lover of Minecraft, and I have seen some Youtubers (Such as Markiplier) playing this amazing server! He recommends it highly and urges everyone to play. I would love to play on your server, not because of him, but because it looks amazingly fun and active. If I can come on, could you tell me how? I’ve roamed the site multiple times and I can’t seem to find the server IP that most like Mark play on. Please respond back when you get the chance. c: Thank you for your time. ^-^

    By the way, tell Latin that she is officially one of the most bad-ass chicks on earth. You go girl. #GirlPowa<3

  33. Future

    ZOMBIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It wont let me join or Register. Like the Register button is faded it wont let me click it. PLEASE ZOMBIE i wanna play so badly because i haved had any luck getting into other ones then i heard about yours. Email me back plz

  34. ParadoxialGamer

    So I just registered with the forum and found the server address, but It gets stuck at ‘Pinging server” and never loads. Help?

  35. Aubreyanna

    I am trying to join your server but when I enter IP address it tells me 1.6.4 server out of date. Can u plz help?

  36. Chodalski

    your registration link is extremely hard to find, could you perhaps send me it via email? i am dying to get on an amazing server such as this, where i can tell the community is great, and the staff are just as great, if not more.

  37. Danfonii

    Hi Zombiemold, could you please send me the password? I would love to go on! Last time I tried to put the server address in, my minecraft crashed and had to get reported to Mojang.

  38. MarkiplierRocks1

    how do I get on your server I watch markiplier do drunk minecraft all the time and I want to join you on your server.

  39. Maltri

    I hate to bother you, but I’d love to join this server and I’m having some trouble. It says its pinging which I believe means it’s getting the data, but it’s been doing it an awful long time! A bit of help please?

  40. Whistlescritch

    I would like to play on this server, but the “Register” button to the right is not highlighted and I can’t click it. I watch Markiplier and would love to play on the server. Thanks!

  41. EpsilonWinter

    Good day.
    After some time searching I found this page with the register button and sidebar, however I can still not use it. I would very much like to join, having seen Markiplier and co getting themselves repeatably blown up via deity it does seem like the server is an interesting one and something I would like to experience myself.
    If this is only a temporary problem related to the current site maintenance, then I hope to join once it is resolved. Otherwise please add repairing the registration system to your to do list, or post an article stating that applications are closed for the moment.

    Have a nice day.

  42. Sweeper

    Ello :)
    For a while now I have wanted to join this server, and I had searched many times to find the registration area of this site. When I had finally found it I was surprised and a bit sad to see the registration link unusable. Is something wrong? This is probably only a temporary problem and I would like to join as soon as it is resolved.

  43. Dee

    Really want to download minecraft, and join the server. It will probably have to wait until I’m not busy with school work, though.

  44. Lena

    Hi zombiemold,

    My boyfriend and I would love to join your server! We’re following you, Wade and Mark for a year now on youtube,
    and we are playing minecraft because we saw that you guys had a lot of fun with it.
    I hope we will get a positive answer :)


  45. LeapsofFaith

    I was wondering what mods are there that I need to install before I go onto the server. I didn’t see anything on the website notifying which mods or modpacks are used, and I’m really interested in joining the server.

  46. TheParamedic

    Hi, this server was mentioned to me by a friend but your register button seems to not work. Is it too late to register?

  47. z@homenetworx.o

    zombie i like you and suscribe to you all the time i want to join but says invalid session try restarting the game i keep restarting but never works plz plz help me zombie.

  48. Ae

    Hey :) I would really like yo join the server, but the registration doesn’t seem to work, I would be very thankful if someone could help me, thanks!

  49. creeper brant


  50. henryboo

    I’ve recently registered and tried entering the information to join the server, but it says “Can’t resolve hostname”. So I’m at a loss…

  51. Gaming N Mayhem

    Hello, I was wondering if I could join your server, please? I overheard a group of people talking about a Minecraft Server (Vox Populi), and was curious about it so I looked it up. Took me awhile to fine this site (only because I got the name wrong 12 times), and when I finally found a legitimate site, I was alluded to all the possibilities of Vox Populi. The wonder and imagination that seemed to strike my heart to all the work and effort you put into your server attracted me to it like a moth to a light bulb. I would truly love to be part of your server if given the chance. Anyways, I apologize for the long message, and have a nice day. I hope I here back from you soon.

    1. DanaCZ

      The info above is outdated, you don’t need to register to play. Simply use either of the IP addresses mentioned on the main page.

    1. DanaCZ

      The info above is outdated, you don’t need to register to play. Simply use either of the IP addresses mentioned on the main page.

  52. Josiah

    If you saw me put in my website name, its not real, I don’t have any website!
    Oh and I still don’t know how to log in
    I don’t know if my mine craft works, the version I have is 1.4.6.
    Zombiemold or what ever your real name is, if you are reading this please help if I have problems getting to your server.

  53. zcacciolfi

    Hello I am very interested in joining the sever. I saw Mark play on it and it makes me hope I can have a hell of a good time on it for my videos for the few people who watch my video’s. Please let me join.

    1. DanaCZ

      Hi zcacciolfi, you can join the server, either the Diamond realm ( or Emerald realm ( The info in this post is outdated and will be fixed soon.


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